Following your contours with a gentle flare from the knee makes this pair of pants a flattering fit. Styled with pockets, belt loops, button fly and contract color stud detail. Available in black, khaki and dark gray. Wash with similarly colored items and wash inside out. By IFRONY, South Korea. Brand from SOUTH KOREA: IFRONY. Color: Black, Khaki, Dark Gray, Materials: N/A, Size: 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30 Product Measurements: 25: Waist 75cm, Hip 85cm, Hem 35cm, Total Length 100cm 26: Waist 77cm, Hip 87cm, Hem 36cm, Total Length 100cm 27: Waist 79cm, Hip 89cm, Hem 37cm, Total Length 101cm 28: Waist 81cm, Hip 91cm, Hem 38cm, Total Length 102cm 29: Waist 83cm, Hip 93cm, Hem 39cm, Total Length 102cm 30: Waist 85cm, Hip 95cm, Hem 40cm, Total Length 103cm, Care: Wash with Like Colors, Wash Inside Out

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